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Do you want to go horse riding in the Valencia area – and ride along one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain (or through gorgeous countryside!)?

If you do then contact us at Los Robles!

We have some 100 horses and ponies, with many of our horses fully trained Andalusians.  Some of these you can ride (if you are experienced) so you can experience the wonder of riding a horse trained in the Spanish school of riding.  In fact, at Los Robles we are well known for our Andalusian horses and we perform most of the shows and exhibitions of Spanish school riding along the northern Costa Blanca.  So – experienced or not I think you will be stunned by the quality of our horses!

Of course, we also have horses that are ideal for you if you have not ridden before and we have dozens of ponies if you have children who want to ride.  For younger children and those who have not ridden before we have special saddles that are more secure than normal.



We also have three picaderos (one covered and two uncovered and very large.  These are ideal if you want horse riding lessons or for you to ride within a secure area.

However, most people tend to want to go for a hack and this is where we can provide you with a very special experience.  We are only a couple of kilometres from Gandia beach and we have hacks through some spectacular countryside before emerging onto the beach.  Here you can have gallops along the sand, which will delight you!  Indeed, you may think that this is horse riding at its very best!

So, if you want to go horse riding in the Valencia area then do contact us – we have English speakers available to help you and I think you will be really impressed with the quality of riding available.  Certainly, you will not find any of the time worn hacks that so many stables seems to have!  Our horses and ponies are feisty, in terrific condition and will provide you with a proper riding experience and one to remember for years to come!

If you have any questions then just call us and let us provide you with the information you require.

Incidentally, our prices for horse riding in the Valencia area are terrific value!  We charge 20 Euros an hour for adults and 10 Euros for children – surely a bargain!

Victor Robles

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Jun 062014
Full speed along Gandia beach - fantastic!

Full speed along Gandia beach – fantastic!

How would you like to go horse riding around the northern Costa Blanca – through the gorgeous marjal that runs parallel to the sea around Gandia?

How would you like to gallop along the stunning beaches of the northern Costa Blanca around Gandia?

How would you like to ride some of the finest horses to be found anywhere along the Costa Blanca?

Well, if this is your idea of fun then come to Los Robles!

We are located just off Gandia Playa and we are surrounded by stunning countryside, whilst being only some 20 minutes ride from Gandia beach.  This provides us with some truly wonderful opportunities to take people on excursions – that cannot be bettered.  We have plenty of areas in which you can gallop amid stunningly beautiful countryside, which will enchant you.  Indeed, if you like riding then our horse riding around the northern Costa Blanca will be unlike any other experience you have had, not least because of the quality of our horses and ponies.

At Los Robles, we have around 100 horses and ponies – all well-trained, all muscled-up, fit and eager to be ridden.  As one of the best stables on the Costa Blanca we have many fully trained Andalusians and we are well known for the displays of the Spanish School of riding that we perform from Valencia city to the southern parts of the Costa Blanca.

Is there a better place to ride?

Is there a better place to ride?

So, we have no shortage of fine horses for you to choose from and we can always find a horse or pony for you to suit your ability.  This is essential if you are to enjoy horse riding around the northern Costa Blanca, where the quality of the horse needs to be superb, if you are to fully enjoy the quality of the routes along our excursions.

Of course, we also provide horse riding classes and these can be booked by calling us anytime (except during siesta and on Mondays!).  Just call us up and we can then arrange for you to have a one to one class or group class or an excursion.  You will not regret it and you may have some of the best rides of your life here!

For more information, do contact us and treat yourself or your family to a superb day of riding – and an unforgettable experience.

Victor Robles

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Ene 082014


How would you like to go horse riding on Gandia beach?

Can you think of anything more exciting and glorious than galloping down one of the finest beaches in Spain – or providing a friend or relative with the chance to so!  Just imagine it…

At Los Robles we are surrounded by beautiful countryside, criss-crossed with tracks that are perfect for horse riding and we go for hacks almost every day.  Frequently, we also go horse riding on Gandia beach (except in July and August).  Gandia Beach is only a few minutes ride from our stables at Gandia and allows us to exercise our horses in the way that they love most – by galloping along a superb beach.

Of course, we adapt our riding and the horses that we provide to the level of riding of our clients.  If you are not experienced then we have horses that are easy to ride and, if galloping across the beach is not for you, we are equally happy to walk the horses so that you can soak up the wonderful atmosphere and sights.

Certainly, we have not met anyone who has not thrilled to going horse riding on Gandia beach.  Indeed, we have clients who come back time and again because they have enjoyed it so much.


Needless to say, we also take our ponies on Gandia beach.  They are ideal for children, so if your son or daughter loves riding then we will be able to provide him or her with the perfect pony.  Should they need riding classes before they go horse riding on Gandia beach then this is no problem.  We have several picaderos (including one that is covered) and superb, professional riding instructors, who have years of experience in training people to ride.

At Los Robles, we have a huge selection of horses and ponies (around 100!) – so finding the perfect horse or pony is certainly rarely a problem!

So – if you would like to go horse riding on Gandia beach then do just contact us.  We are here and ready to provide you with a wonderful experience and one that you are unlikely to ever forget!

Victor Robles

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Nov 052013


How would you like to do some horse riding on the Costa Blanca and ride an Andalusian – the most famous horse in Spain?  Better still, you can have classes with one of the masters of the Spanish school of riding, Victor Robles, who is well known throughout the northern Costa Blanca for his superb displays of horsemanship.

Victor Robles runs Los Robles and has around 100 horses and ponies in his riding school in Gandia.  It is here that he trains his Spanish school horses and here where you can do the most challenging and exciting horse riding on the Costa Blanca on Andalusians.  These horses are used in displays, are fully trained and quite exceptional.  They will provide you with a ride like no other!

Of course, horse riding in Spain takes many forms but it is for the Spanish school that it is most famous.  The Spanish school takes dressage (doma) to new heights of perfection with the Andalusian a ‘dancing’ horse able to undertake the most extraordinary movements.  Powerful, responsive, alert and quick, the Andalusian is an extraordinary horse to ride and completely unlike any European counterpart.



In fact, to get the most out of an Andalusian takes considerable skill and finesse.  This is something that Victor has to excess – together with an acute, intuitive understanding of his horses and what makes them work well.  This he combines with years of teaching experience, which allows you to not only enjoy your lessons with him but also to learn quickly and efficiently.

Notable at Los Robles is the care and attention that Victor’s horses get.  Look around and you will see an array of superbly muscled horses, all in the peak of their condition.  Equally striking is that you will find that the horses at Los Robles (almost all are stallions) are both extremely well behaved and feisty.  Here you will not find ‘plodders’, the traditional tired and bored horses of many riding schools.  On the contrary, at Los Robles you will be able to marvel at horses that are responsive and full of life – what every rider wants and needs (irrespective of riding level)!

That said, Victor is extremely careful to match individual riders with the horse or pony that will suit them and their particular abilities.  So, at the stables there are tiny ponies equipped with special children’s saddles for young riders, along with larger ponies for the more experienced.  Equally, of course, some Andalusians are more appropriate for new riders than others.



Needless to say, horse riding at Los Robles is not restricted to just riding within the secure riding areas (picaderos) within the stables.  Victor, like everyone else (including the horses!), likes going out on hacks and these are available most days.

The hacks are truly wonderful and go through the superb countryside that surrounds Los Robles.  This passes through a stunning area of verdant semi-marshland and agricultural land that is criss-crossed with tracks and paths – ideal for treks.

Of course, out of the high season, it is possible to go for hacks onto the fabulous La Safor beaches that are within a kilometre of Los Robles.  It is here that the horses can gallop at full speed and where you can revel to riding beside the Mediterranean on a magnificent Spanish horse, in a setting that is truly memorable.  On occasions, Victor takes midnight hacks to the beaches – which are, as you can imagine, hugely popular!



So – if you want to go horse riding on the Costa Blanca then contact Los Robles – and experience a different type of horse riding and one that you will find completely seductive!  E-mail us if you are interested or give us a call.

PS. We have bi-lingual translators available, should you not speak Spanish!

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Jun 282013


At Los Robles, we pride ourselves on being the best riding stables in the Valencia area

We have superb horses, all of which are in prime condition and well trained.  In fact, I doubt you will find a better riding stables in the Valencia area with finer horses and ponies – all ideal for riding, whatever your ability.

Of course, we pride ourselves on having a number of horses that have been specifically trained in the magnificent Spanish School of Riding.  This, as you may know, is the height of training horses and is admired worldwide.  In fact, at Los Robles, throughout the year, we are commissioned to provide demonstrations of the Spanish School of Riding all-round the Valencia region!

So – if you want to experience what it is like to ride a real Spanish School trained horse then do contact us.  We can provide you with classes on how to ride Spanish School horses or just provide you with the experience of riding one.  I think you will be amazed at what it is like!

Of course, we also offer conventional riding lessons, hacks and some show jumping – with the hacks particularly popular as we ride through the fabulously lovely Spanish countryside.  Out of the peak summer season, we also offer hacks along Gandia beach.  This can be a wonderful experience for anyone!

So, if you want horse riding classes in Valencia then do contact us.  I am confident that you will be extremely impressed by our stables and adore the huge selection of horses and ponies that we have (around 150!) and the facilities that we have on offer.  We are great value for money, totally professional and, as you will see if you visit our stables – absolutely devoted to the care and well being of all our many animals.

For a really great day out, come and see us.  If you do not speak Spanish then do not worry – we have an English, bi-lingual colleague (Keturah Snelling) who can help you or answer any questions that you may have!

Victor Robles

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