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How would you like to go horse riding on Gandia beach?

Can you think of anything more exciting and glorious than galloping down one of the finest beaches in Spain – or providing a friend or relative with the chance to so!  Just imagine it…

At Los Robles we are surrounded by beautiful countryside, criss-crossed with tracks that are perfect for horse riding and we go for hacks almost every day.  Frequently, we also go horse riding on Gandia beach (except in July and August).  Gandia Beach is only a few minutes ride from our stables at Gandia and allows us to exercise our horses in the way that they love most – by galloping along a superb beach.

Of course, we adapt our riding and the horses that we provide to the level of riding of our clients.  If you are not experienced then we have horses that are easy to ride and, if galloping across the beach is not for you, we are equally happy to walk the horses so that you can soak up the wonderful atmosphere and sights.

Certainly, we have not met anyone who has not thrilled to going horse riding on Gandia beach.  Indeed, we have clients who come back time and again because they have enjoyed it so much.


Needless to say, we also take our ponies on Gandia beach.  They are ideal for children, so if your son or daughter loves riding then we will be able to provide him or her with the perfect pony.  Should they need riding classes before they go horse riding on Gandia beach then this is no problem.  We have several picaderos (including one that is covered) and superb, professional riding instructors, who have years of experience in training people to ride.

At Los Robles, we have a huge selection of horses and ponies (around 100!) – so finding the perfect horse or pony is certainly rarely a problem!

So – if you would like to go horse riding on Gandia beach then do just contact us.  We are here and ready to provide you with a wonderful experience and one that you are unlikely to ever forget!

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  1. Hola.
    Se puede montar en invierno tambien? Es todo el año?
    Y tiennes classes para niños?

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